Designer Lamp with Paper Cups

“Upcycling” is the name of the latest trend: You can make a modern 3D lampshade out of a simple white paper lamp and waxed paper cups. The whole thing can be implemented well with a hot glue gun. Anyone who has ever been to a lighting store or “only” visited the hardware store lighting department knows how expensive beautiful lights are. The only thing that helps is: do it yourself! Simple balloon paper umbrellas can be found in almost every household and usually don’t look really nice after a few years anyway. Small paper cups are sometimes left over after a party or you […]

Make a Floor Lamp from Salad Bowl

Chic furnishings that not everyone has in the apartment make a home look more elegant. You don’t have to save yourself the cost of a limited piece from the well-known designer, but can build an extraordinary object like this lamp yourself. The special feature: the lampshade is made of metal, the base of solid wood – a mix of materials that combines natural beauty with modern design and lets the living room shine in the most beautiful light. It becomes an upcycling project when you can use your old salad bowl and a piece of scrap wood, for example. Material and tool […]

Make a Quick and Cheap Door Wreath

Buying Christmas decorations is only half as fun as making them yourself! You don’t even have to spend a lot of money or go shopping for it. You must have most of the materials for this great door wreath at home! Main ingredient: toilet paper rolls! This project costs next to nothing, but makes a difference! You may need a few days or “donations” from friends and colleagues to collect the rolls (of course, kitchen paper rolls are also suitable). The emulsion paint dries relatively quickly, so you can put the wreath together in one day. It’s also fun with children – a nice family project […]

Dresser with an edge

Simple pieces of furniture can be transformed into stylish living accessories in just a few simple steps and with an individual coat of paint. This project shows how an inconspicuous wooden chest of drawers can quickly and easily be given a unique touch. What You Need Cross line laser (e.g. GLL25-10 from Bosch) Extra thin painter’s tape (e.g. XFasten Professional Blue Painter’s Tape) Acrylic paint (e.g. Majic Paints Furniture Paint) Paint roller Here we give tips on how to paint or restore a dresser. 1. Draw the pattern on the dresser To get a zigzag pattern, the baselines must first be drawn thinly […]

Create a perennial bed

How would you like it? Red with a dash of purple or would you prefer a tone on tone? With perennials the colorful and varied life moves into your garden beds. Colors create moods – it is therefore worthwhile to choose the flower colors of perennials carefully. It is best to limit yourself to one main color and subordinate it to several matching shades. Tones of a color group, e.g. B. yellow, orange and red, generally create a harmonious color gradient. We’ll give you tips on how to design your garden and create a new perennial bed. The color makes the picture Complementary […]