Create a perennial bed

How would you like it? Red with a dash of purple or would you prefer a tone on tone? With perennials the colorful and varied life moves into your garden beds. Colors create moods – it is therefore worthwhile to choose the flower colors of perennials carefully. It is best to limit yourself to one main color and subordinate it to several matching shades. Tones of a color group, e.g. B. yellow, orange and red, generally create a harmonious color gradient. We’ll give you tips on how to design your garden and create a new perennial bed. The color makes the picture Complementary […]

Build a mini raised bed from a fruit crate

If you don’t have a garden and have little space, you don’t have to do without fresh herbs and home-grown vegetables. Mini raised beds for balconies or patios can be built from fruit boxes. Choose suitable plants When choosing the plants, you should consider the location of the mini raised bed – depending on whether it is sunny, in the shade or in partial shade. In principle, plants that do not have too deep roots such as salads, strawberries and herbs are suitable for planting the fruit boxes. But also Swiss chard, garlic, baby carrots, tomatoes and radishes feel at home in this […]