Dresser with an edge

Simple pieces of furniture can be transformed into stylish living accessories in just a few simple steps and with an individual coat of paint. This project shows how an inconspicuous wooden chest of drawers can quickly and easily be given a unique touch. You need a cross line laser, e.g. B. from Bosch, extra thin painter’s tape, acrylic paint and a paint roller. Here we give tips on how to paint or restore a dresser. 1. Draw the pattern on the dresser To get a zigzag pattern, the baselines must first be drawn thinly on the dresser. To do this, […]

Keyboard for the hallway

Keys misplaced? With our keyboard, you always have your keys at hand and you never have to call the key service again. Many keys are lost every day. So that you don’t despair at home while searching, you should ensure a fixed place. Our keyboard with storage brings order to chaos. In addition, sunglasses, smartphones and wallets can be stored clearly. Materials and tools for the keyboard: 3 x OSB plate: 15 mm x 36 x 30 cm (have it sawn in the DIY store) Screws 3.5 x 35 mm, e.g. from SPAX Lens head screws and drills, plugs for […]