Make a Quick and Cheap Door Wreath

Buying Christmas decorations is only half as fun as making them yourself! You don’t even have to spend a lot of money or go shopping for it. You must have most of the materials for this great door wreath at home! Main ingredient: toilet paper rolls!

This project costs next to nothing, but makes a difference! You may need a few days or “donations” from friends and colleagues to collect the rolls (of course, kitchen paper rolls are also suitable). The emulsion paint dries relatively quickly, so you can put the wreath together in one day. It’s also fun with children – a nice family project on a rainy November day!

Tip: With different colors and a little change in the decoration, a great spring wreath can be built from the same material. Only a little imagination is required here!

Material list:

  • Toilet paper rolls (here 16 pieces)
  • Green and red paint, for example emulsion paint
  • Small red pearls
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (alternatively liquid glue and paper clips)
  • if necessary scotch tape
  • Brush, disposable gloves, old mug, etc.
  • scissors

Color paper rolls

Pour some paint into a container. Then delete all the rolls inside and out. We used green and red.

Tip: The glove prevents you from having to scrub your hands afterwards if you paint the roll completely in one operation. Then let everything dry.

Cut the rolls and put them back together

Gently squeeze all the rolls and then cut into five oval rings of about the same width. These are then connected to a flower shape with hot glue on one side.

The hot glue hardens quickly and is perfect because you can continue working immediately. If you don’t have a pistol or do handicrafts with children, you can coat the sides with liquid all-purpose glue and fix the flowers with paper clips to dry.

For our wreath we need a total of 16 flowers in red (2 pieces) and green (14 pieces).

Form two wreath rings

As a test, lay out the individual flowers in two large circles: One consists of nine green specimens, each with a flower tip positioned between two flowers of the neighboring flower. The second circle consists of seven flowers, five green and two red.

If you like the arrangement, glue together flower by flower until both circles are firmly connected.

Connect wreaths vertically

This point is a little tricky, as the tops of the flowers hardly have any adhesive surfaces. Place both rings on top of each other and try to find a good position that allows you to connect some points with hot glue or with scotch tape. This step makes the whole wreath even more stable and gives it a cool 3D effect.

Decorate the door wreath

The decoration now rounds off the whole wreath: We twisted and glued a few small pearls from a chain into a ball and then glued them to the visible centers of the flowers on both rings.

You can also use individual wooden beads or anything else that the craft box has!

Then thread the ribbon through both circles and hang it on the door. That makes the mood, doesn’t it?