Suspension Lamp with Flowers

It doesn’t always have to be extensive renovation work to beautify your own four walls. Even small handicrafts can have a big effect.

We’ll show you how you can spruce up a simple hanging lamp made of paper with a little paper and creativity – this is how you can conjure up individual eye-catchers for your home.

Materials and tools required

  • Suspension lamp made of paper
  • Cable with socket
  • solid tracing paper
  • Papers with small flower motifs, punch pliers, scissors
  • Motif punch with large flower (approx. 4 cm)
  • Ribbon 2 mm x 18 cm per flower
  • glue stick
  • Fabric tape 19 mm red
  • Double band

Conceal cables and make flowers

Glue the fabric tape lengthways onto the cable. Press firmly until the seam closes. If it is too thick, repeat the process from the other side so that the open seam is covered. Then punch flowers out of the flower paper and the tracing paper with the motif punch and glue them together: Each flower consists of 3 petals, 2 x transparent and 1 x patterned.

Decorate the flowers and fix them to the lamp

Now use the punch pliers to punch through the individual blossoms twice each with a little space between them. Then you pull the color-matching ribbon like a loop through the holes, tighten the loop and fix the finished flowers to the lamp with a double ribbon . Finished!