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In Greece, vegetarianism never took off as a trend, and eating places catering strictly to vegetarians are just about non-existent. However, Greeks historically eat less meat per capita than northern Europeans and North Americans, and there are numerous vegetarian dishes in Greek cuisine. The Porto Club travel agency offers a few tours designed for vegetarians […]

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Additionally, a man who had travelled to Israel and Egypt, was admitted to the General University Hospital of Patras, bringing the nation total to nine confirmed cases. The woman’s nine-year-old child tested helpful and was admitted to a similar medical institution as her mother. Additionally, a forty-year-old woman who had travelled to Italy, also tested […]

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Just as you’ll in america, try to avoid bug bites while spending time outside or in wooded areas. Food and water standards in Greece are corresponding to those in the United States. From idyllic island-hopping to hiking among attractive archaeological sites and sublime cycling, find your best holiday, and stacks of advice on what to […]

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It’s an incredibly busy time in the country and hotels are often booked up a few weeks in strengthen. However, if you are making plans to see alternative islands and explore a couple of different parts of the region, then the only real real way to travel among the islands economically is by ferry. Some […]

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And, being a non-Greek, I have a stupendous good idea of what other folks may need and be looking for when making plans their own trips to Greece. The majority of tourists traveling to Greece go there in the summer months, when temperatures are ideal for beach-going. The dish originates from Anatolia and the Middle […]