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Greece regularly studies forest fires in the hotter months. It is declared that Crete is not just an island, Crete is a world in and of itself. In fact, the largest of the Greek islands is quite diverse and scenic. As always, touring with Gate 1, was fun, informative and whole of new experiences. Our […]

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Do never think to export or buy any piece of archeological value as it may be either be a fake or you will be arrested quickly at the airport for trafficking of products of archeological value. Also bear in mind that the smuggling of antiquities is extraordinarily frowned upon by the locals and may even […]

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Its picturesque port town offers great buying groceries and eating, and its hilly interior adds many options for hikers and explorers. Delphi, the reputed home of the famous ancient oracle, is an alternate marvelous day trip from Athens. About 2. 5 hours away from the town, Delphi is in the mountains, and its historical ruins […]

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So, it’s important to think about what you want to get out of your holiday. Do you are looking to see as much as feasible, knowing you’ll need a vacation after your break?ATMs may be found in all places, but keep in mind that smaller islands and towns will have restricted access. In ancient times, […]

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Apart from its highly cosmopolitan side and the upscale levels of tourism, Greece has a more enormous way to charm you. Greek products are famous all around the realm for his or her miraculous fine. My wife and I were as interested in the lives of the those that live in Greece as we were […]

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Due to layovers at sure destinations, your actual travel time may be in far more than 30 hours. From Samos sail to Kusadasi and back to see the awesome Ancient Greek ruins of Ephesus. Make the main of some time by spending it at one of the vital lovely and unique seashores of the island, […]

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From Athens that you may take a day trip to visit the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. The temple itself is even more lovely than the Parthenon, and its dramatic surroundings on a cliff overlooking the ocean is breathtaking with a clean, inviting, and uncrowded beach literally right round the corner. Some have airports, but […]