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I arrived in Sitia, Crete in April 1973 a fresh 21 year old. Lunch was a greek salad for 25 cents and add an alternate 25 cents for feta cheese. The next port of call is Poros, a ravishing green island with its groves of pine and lemon trees. The waterfront is lively with its […]

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To purchase a ticket to travel to an island, you are going to should deliver proof of everlasting house (via a tax certificate) on the island to that you like to travel. One-way travel from islands to the mainland is not limited. Once in Greece, you could travel around by train or go island hopping […]

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The prime ski centers in Greece are Arachova and Kalavryta, while many other facilities are found in northern Greece. You also can now and again score an affordable flight to Crete, the largest island in Greece. When exploring the Greek Isles expect to be subjected to the mercy of slow and often late ferry schedules. […]

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Greece, determined in southern Europe at the end of the Balkan peninsula, is a country that continues to achieve popularity as a top travel destination in Europe. It is at the middle of one of the crucial influential civilizations in history and it’s philosophy, art, sports, and language have infiltrated our lives today. From the […]

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The city is steeped in history, has a large number of colourful neighbourhoods, and is the best base from which to explore the rest of the country. You’ll in fact want to visit the Acropolis, a famous archaeological site and must see in Greece; home to the realm-famous Parthenon. If you’re making plans to travel […]

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Basically, the nearest to Athens (and borders) you are, the absolutely yow will discover a Latin transcription on signs. Some letters could even be tricky, as they’re exact suit to an alternative Latin letter with another value, reminiscent of “Η” and “Ρ”, which stand respectively for “I/E” and “R”. Sights from the sea can be […]