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Please don’t do that. After spending time in Greece this summer, I’ve constantly been slammed by questions from travelers with one eye on their holidays and another on Greece’s financial crisis. If you’re more drawn to Meteroa, certainly have a look at the time out I have linked above in the itinerary, just know that […]

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I too would not bother going to Athens for 2 days wo nt see much in that point,also a lot of strikes always occurring there far better to go straight to Santorini and spend your days there. The more off-the-path you’re (like when we visited the tiny beach town of Agia Triada external of Thessaloniki), […]

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If you choose to stay on the mainland, the Peloponnese is fairly near Athens and will provide you with a good suggestion of way of life in Greece today. Athens is also a great base for purchasing your feet wet when it comes to island explorations. The islands of Aegina and Hydra can both be […]

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Hopefully when the corona virus crisis passes we shall all be traveling again. You could easily spend 2-3 days in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos, and also you could spend a lot more time than that during Crete since it’s so big. You can fly from Athens to any of these 3 islands, but getting from […]

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Summers are hot and dry with a 7-month period of near-consistent sunshine generally from April until November. Honestly, I couldn’t call to mind a more in-depth way to arrive at a place like Mykonos than at the back of an ATV-wagon. Greece is the grandeur of the Acropolis, and the drama of myth. It is […]

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How many days you’re going to allow you to dictate how many islands you would like to visit. I would say you would like at least two days minimal per island to simply get see the highlights, although three to four days are ideal. So, whilst I have not been everywhere, I’ve got a good […]

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During the Ottoman occupation, new homes were erected in the Old Town, mainly mosques and baths. In 1912, Rhodes was conquered by the Italians who added staggering buildings, wide roads and squares. The Palace of the Grand Master was rebuilt and the Street of the Knights was reconstructed. At the top of the Street stands […]

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” Again, in the winter, some of these ferries run once, maybe twice a week. Trains are an improved way to get around, however the countrywide rail system (OSE) is very restricted. This is because of neglect after the arrival of huge scale automobile use and air travel, and also due to past technological difficulties […]

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Give yourself as a minimum a week and visit a few Greek islands. Peek into all the ancient ruins you can, swim off the coast and visit a unique restaurant each night, and you will get a good sense of why Greece is beloved by so many travelers. If which you could, add on an […]